SIICA school of Immunology, Messina, 20-22 July 2018


Dear Colleagues,


We are the Junior Faculty of the Italian Society for Immunology, Clinical Immunology and Allergology (SIICA). We are writing to inform you about the upcoming Immunology Summer School that our society is organizing in Messina, 20-22 July 2018. The School is organized in two courses running in parallel: the Fundaments of immunology course will provide a solid background on immunology key topics to Phd Students involved in immunology-related research projects, going beyond the background knowledge (Master) level; the Advances in immunology course is intended for students with an already established background in immunology and will discuss emerging themes in immunology with the final aim to provide the students with an integrated view of key elements of the immune system and its complexity. Each course is based on in 10 lessons, delivered in English (see the attached program). Students will also enjoy common activities, including keynote lectures and other opportunities to deeply interact with th Faculty, as well as ludic activities (The immunology championship) and social events. The school is sponsored by EFIS.


For registration and additional info please visit:


We thank you for your kind cooperation.


Best regards,

The SIICA Junior Faculty