Annual online meeting HID. Find the meeting links here!

Dear colleagues,


Soon, the annual meeting of HID will take place. This meeting is free of charge and open to everyone and will take place via the ZOOM platform. In order to join the meeting, simply follow the links below. This will install the required program on your computer to get access to the meeting. Use the passcode below the link to access the meeting:

Thursday 01.10.2020 (11.30h – 16.00h):

Click here to join the Thursday session

Meeting ID:  867 6599 1054

Passcode: 372456


Friday 02.10.2020 (11.30h – 16.00h):

Click here to join the Friday session

Meeting ID:  825 5133 9422

Passcode: 938132


You can prepare for the meeting by pre-installing the ZOOM software, which can be downloaded here.

More information on how to give your presentation will follow later.

Finally, we would like to thank our sponsors for making this event possible:

HEP grupa - Logos and Books of Graphic Standards  and