PhD Programm in Vienna – Focus on Molecular, Cellular and Clinical Allergology

We are currently recruiting highly
talented PhD students for an International PhD Thesis program at the Medical University of Vienna in the field of Molecular, Cellular and Clinical Allergology, MCCA (see attachment and web-site at:
We kindly ask you to distribute the announcement (see attachment) to your best students. The program is very attractive because it offers three years (with an option for a fourth year) of full salary and a budget for materials to the students. Students can select among several projects and group leaders. They must have an Masters degree, or MD or equivalent (obtain the degree at latest by September 30, 2017) and must be prepared to take part in a competitive selection process.
Over the last years we have successfully recruited and enrolled 30 international students into the program, this is now the third call for highly interested and talented students (start of employment October 1, 2017).
We trust, that you will know the one or other highly talented student and we
kindly ask you to distribute the announcement to those candidates. The deadline for the applications has been extended to May 2, 2017.
We thank you very much for helping us recruiting the best students of the world into our
program. It will be our pride to teach and educate them in the best possible way.
With best personal regards from Vienna,
Winfried and Rudolf
MCCA Speaker and MCCA Deputy Speaker