MESIA 2022 – July Update

Dear members,


As you may be aware, the next meeting of the Middle European Societies for immunology and allergology (MESIA), which will be held from 23-26 November 2022 in Prague, Czech Republic.

MESIA is an initiative to bring together immunologists and allergologists from Austria, the Czech republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia in a meeting that is held once every three years.

The concept of this year’s event is different from previous meetings; instead of per topic, sessions will be clustered by country, with Croatia being present on November 24th. The preliminary program is now available here:

MESIA Program

Abstract submission for an oral presentation has now been completed and the Croatian representatives are as follows:

CROATIA 14-14,30 Joint presentation CROATIAN Societies
14.30-15 Prof. Stipan Jonjić,
15-15.15 Carmen Rožmanić – Early life cytomegalovirus infection extensively reshapes the transcriptional profile and functionality of NK cells
15.15-15.30 Ildikó Bódi – Human thymus contains epithelial cells with stem cell features long after birth
15.30-15,45 Karlo Mladenić – NKG2D-mediated immunosensing of metabolically stressed hepatocytes by innate-like T cells is essential for initiation of NASH and fibrosis
15,45-16 Maša FilipovićTranscriptome profiling of CCR2hi and CCR2lo osteoclast progenitor subpopulations associated with arthritis
16-16.15 break
16.15-16.45 Prof dr sc. Asja Stipic . Allergic diseases in urban and rural regions of Croatia15
16.45-17 Dr sc. Ružica Jurakić Tončić. Determination of biomarkers for disease severity in atopic dermatitis
17-17,15 Mirjana Turkalj.  Ragweed pollen and allergic symptoms in children: Results from a three-year longitudinal study
17,15-17,30 Dr Ivan Marković. Allergic reactions to COVID-19 vaccine in Croatian  high risk patients
17,30-17.45 Prof Lugović Mihić.  Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and Zagreb earthquake on the psychological stress level and disease condition of atopic dermatitis patients

However, abstract submission for a poster presentation is still open. Please use the abstract form which can be found here:

HID-MESIA – 2022-Abstract-Form

More information and registration for the meeting can be done on the official website of MESIA:

MESIA Website